atherine Wassung, affectionately known as Dr. Kat, is a Doctor of Natural Health and a Certified Clinical Thermographer. She obtained her undergraduate degree from Albertus Magnus College in New Haven Connecticut. She studied at Clayton College of Natural Health for her Masters of Science and completed her Doctorate from Kingdom College of Natural Health. Her passion for health led her in the direction of thermography and she completed an advanced certification from the International Association of Medical Thermographers, (IAMT) She is the current owner of The Charlotte Thermography Center in Matthews, NC. 

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Why Thermography?

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Dr. Kat is knowledgeable, warm, and caring and is always willing to go above and beyond to help guide people to a healthier state. She is deeply concerned that each person knows that they are individually considered and that they are unique, special and deserve better than “cookie cutter” solutions.

              am glad you are taking this opportunity to become knowledgeable about one of the greatest preventative health tools that is available. Thermography gives us the ability to see 'early warning' signs before they become medical problems. It sees your body functioning in 'real' time and gives us the opportunity to make changes and corrections with a goal of good health. It is a wonderful tool for us to be pro-active with our own health!

Inflammation is the body's normal response when something is wrong. Thermography detects inflammation in gradations of heat patterns. Using this technology allows us to know where problems are originating and helps us to take the necessary measures to help aid the body in healing. It is 100% safe and completely radiation free. It can detect things years before other imaging devices may pick them up.

I applaud you for considering this technique to help you to

become proactive concerning your health.

Our bodies are wonderfully and beautifully designed,

let's keep them that way!! Here's to our best health!

Katherine Wassung
Certified Clinical Thermographer
Doctor of Natural Health

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​Dr. Kat is a compassionate and motivational provider and speaker guided by the standard of “where there is life, there is hope”. It is her great concern that she direct people to the path of overall good health, working in partnership with them to take control of their health no matter at what state they are in or where they are beginning their journey. Using thermography as a significant preventative tool is the foundation of her work. She is a liaison with many medical professionals utilizing thermography to help locate problematic areas, monitor healing and offer safe and effective health screening for the entire body.

Dr. Kat is continually lecturing for women’s groups on Breast Health and is extremely passionate regarding that topic, having lost her Sister to breast cancer and her Mother to cancer caused by extensive radiation. She continues on a regular basis to research relevant topics concerning preventative health and health in general, keeping up with changes and new information in order to stay current on what is available for people. She also lectures on how to handle the toxic world in which we live and provides many people with reasonable solutions that they can use to help improve health both for themselves and their families.

                           edical Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging is an advanced technology that views function (physiology) of the body, seeing such things as active inflammation and angiogenesis (increased blood supply) which anatomical screens such as mammography do not detect.  Knowing that early stage disease begins with inflammation, thermography is the best tool for prevention as well as routine screening.

Are women being told the truth about the dangers of mammography?  Here are some facts:

Research has shown that one mammogram can expose a woman to the radiation of 1,000 chest x-rays. Mammograms have an unacceptable high rate of false negatives and false positives causing unnecessary biopsies, surgery and chemotherapy.  Compression and radiation are both known contributors to the cause of breast cancer. Mammography is not the best detection device for women with dense breast tissue and it is a law in the state of North Carolina that they be told this prior to their mammogram.  Thermography is the best screening device for women with implants

So why risk radiation exposure especially on a routine check-up?  The answer is simple – don’t!!!

Medical Thermography is now so advanced that it is able to detect problems about 8 to 10 years before they can be picked up on an anatomical screen.  This allows time for preventative measures to be taken and to be effective.

With Thermography there is no radiation and no compression, it is non-invasive and a simple procedure.  Now, isn’t that better?  You decide – it’s your body!!!

Katherine Wassung – DNH, CCT

The Charlotte Thermography Center – 704-849-9393