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"Did you know that there's something called "Rapid Aging Syndrome", and it is a result of EMF exposures that fuels memory loss, fatigue, and sleep disturbance.

And it's not just about aging. Your body's immune system weakens in the face of EMF's and just about every tissue, organ and bodily system is attacked, making you more vulnerable to disease."

-Lloyd Burrell

​The Charlotte Thermography Center 
is all about safety in health!

​Keeping breast tissue healthy with

no radiation or compression is necessary.

But what about the rest of your precious body?

​How much do you know about electromagnetic fields (EMF) and how it affects your cells and functions of the body?

We all know how to use our devices for convenience; cell phones, computers, tv's, smart everything...

But how smart are you?

Be informed for your health and safety!

EMF Consult with Dr. Kat

Consult will include:

  • Basics of protection
  • Resource information to help you protect yourself and your family
  • EMF wrist/ankle band or two stickers for your devices

Contact Dr. Kat directly to schedule your EMF consult